Status Update

Reference (Core 0140) - 127-2014

Not much new has appeared on the site lately - I've been busy behind the scenes. I've gotten updated Traveller 5 Sector Survey data drops from Don McKinney. In addition to the usual tweaks and fixes - such as replacing very small polities with owned worlds - two big changes are coming:

  • Base codes are no longer constrained to single characters, allowing us to drop 'A' as a shortcut for Naval Base and Scout Base and can just write 'NS'. 
  • Allegiance codes are expanded to four characters and include (where appropriate) sub-polity data. The Zhodani Consulate is now 'ZhCo', and the Third Imperium worlds in the Domain of Deneb are 'ImDd'. These new codes are guaranteed unique across charted space. Codes are only defined for worlds in T5SS regions, though - no clue yet what the Two Thousand Worlds or Hive Federation codes will be.
This is tricky since the site lets you ask for a T5SS sector in legacy SEC format, or request an unreviewed/unofficial sector in a T5 format. All the APIs need to do the right thing, translating the data as appropriate, as do the world data sheet and sector booklet. And the poster/booklet generators need to handle your old or new data correctly, which I can't test completely ahead of time.

I think I've gotten everything right in my local version, but since I'll be headed out of town for a conference next week I don't want to push up something to the site that will leave things broken while I'm gone. So... stuff will continue to be on hold until I'm back.


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