T5SS Data Update - April/May 2014

The new data is now live!

Summary of changes:

  • T5SS sectors now have 4-character allegiances; these are visible on the map and in tab-delimited and column-delimited data files. The new allegiance codes are mapped to 2-character codes when "SEC" files are output or at low scales. Codes are documented at http://travellermap.com/doc/secondsurvey
  • T5SS sectors now have 1- or 2-character base codes, e.g. NS for Naval Base and Scout Base, when shown in tab-delimited and column-delimited files. They are mapped to 1-character codes when "SEC" files are output. Codes are documented at http://travellermap.com/doc/secondsurvey
  • Booklet and World Data Sheets now use the newfangled allegiance and base codes
  • The following sectors are under review as part of the T5SS. The data is updated to conform to T5SS formats, but the data is still subject to heavy change.
  • Tab-delimited files are now assumed to be UTF-8 (previously, was Windows-1252)
  • And, of course, nearly all of the sectors covered by the T5SS have had some tweaks.
This will doubtless have introduced issues visible on the site (e.g. borders and routes that need tweaking) and due to the extensive code changes it's likely bugs have crept in that will affect booklet/poster creation. Let me know here or via email and I'll try and get them fixed ASAP.


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