Cursors and Glyphs

More To-Do items To-Done:

  • The mouse cursor over the map is once again a crosshair. When you start dragging it will change to a drag-hand.
  • Per discussion in a previous post, base symbols have been overhauled and the legend has been updated. Following precedent in paper publications from the CT and MT eras, there is no attempt to make map symbols universally unique. For example, non-Imperial naval bases all use red stars  regardless of allegiance (Vargr, Aslan Tlaukhu, Solomani, Federation, K'kree, Droyne...). I've tried to follow established precedent wherever possible.
  • In addition to Research Stations, symbols are now rendered for Imperial Prisons (code: Pr), Imperial Reserves (code: Re) and Exile Camps (code: Ex), following the Spinward Marches Map symbology.



BeRKA said...

A suggestion:
You could include in the meta data file, the symbol (unicode value) and the color for the symbol to be used for a specific base letter.

77topaz said...

That's an interesting idea.

Joshua Bell said...

It's the logical thing to do. But not high on my list. :)