Rendering Order

Prolific nitpicker 77topaz pointed out that subsector names render on top of borders. That's not new, but I agree it's not ideal given that the subsector name is less critical than the world details at large scales. Sector and subsector names used to render at the same "layer". I've split them up.

Here's the new order, starting at the "back":
  • "nebula" background (Candy style only)
  • "galaxy" background (spiral arms)
  • pseudo-random stars
  • rifts (which black out the pseudo-random stars snd backgrounds)
  • "macro" borders
  • "macro" routes
  • sector grid
  • subsector grid
  • parsec grid (hexes)
  • subsector names
  • "micro" borders
  • "micro" routes
  • sector names - which need to be on top of borders/routes to be legible at relevant scales
  • "macro" capitals/home-worlds
  • "micro" government names
  • worlds
Changing the order is pretty straightforward so suggestions are welcome.

Note that individual words are rendered a hex at a time. In the future I'd like to do this in multiple passes, so that for example all zones are rendered, then all names so that zones don't overlap long names of neighboring hexes.

Unrelated: thanks to cubiq.org if you visit the touch map on an iOS device you'll now get a pop-up letting you know you can add it to your home screen as an application.


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