Spinward Marches 1105

The Spinward Marches has been updated (backdated?) to 1105 to match the other data updates, bringing it in line with the T5 Spinward Marches poster by FFE. The updated data is courtesy of Marc Miller, Donald McKinney and Robert Eaglestone. This includes the sector data and metadata (routes and borders).

In addition, where the "Sector Data" link was at the bottom of the map has been replaced by two clearer links: "Source" which takes you to the published source of the data (if any), and "Data", which serves up the SEC data used by the site itself.

I'm sad to report that, as part of this cleanup, the anomalous jump-5 X-boat route between Tenalphi and Strouden that's been with us since Supplement 3 is no more. It's been replaced by a jump-4 route between Tenalphi and Persephone. Gone are the days of envisioning it as everything from an experimental route to a spatial anomaly. At least in the OTU...



BeRKA said...

Oh nose, I like that J-5 route...

The border for Caladbolg, Gunn Caliburn is not as on my old color map.

BeRKA said...

Anyway, I think it is good that you updated, since I am not a fan of Arden or an occupied half of the Sword Worlds.

Joshua Bell said...

Yeah, I'll try and match up the borders for that little island with the SM poster. Since it's a style issue, I might as well match the poster that started it all!

BeRKA said...

That's better.

Machida Makoto said...

(I cannot speak English well.)
I found a mistake in travellermap.

A X-Boat route is not drawn between Adabicci(Spinward Marches 1824) and Ianic(SM1924).
And, I think that Ostav(The Beyond 3115) should be linked to the Floria(Trojan Reach 0213).

A system of base type "A"(Imperial Naval Base & Imperial Scout Base) is marked with "Independent Base" on hex map. (Regina, Rhylanor, Terra, etc..)

A lot of the current UWP data of Spinward Marches, Trojan Reach, Reft, Solomani Rim, Alpha Crucis sectors do not accord with UWP data of Mongoose Spinward Marches, Alien Module 1: Aslan, Third Imperium fanzine, HIWG archive, MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia.

Example. Mertactor (Spinward Marches 1537)
current : B562732-B
Mongoose: B262732-B

Sonthert (Spinward Marches 1918)
current : D6266AB-7
Mongoose: X6266AB-3

Scaladon (Trojan Reach 2616)
current : AAD98DH-A
Mongoose: AAD98DK-A
TIfanzin: AAD98DK-A

other systems, Zeycude(SM 0101), Reno(SM 0102), Errere(SM 0103), Taltern(TR 0103), Cauldron(Reft 0102), Iselen(Reft 0105), Darrukesh(Solomani Rim 0106), Ximenes(Alpha Crucis 0105), etc.etc...

All spectrum type "D (VII)" stars are written as "V".(Spinward Marches, Trojan Reach, Reft, Solomani Rim, Alpha Crucis sectors)

Example. Ghandi (Spinward Marches 1815)
current : B311455-A N Ic Ni 303 Im F8 V M3 V
HIWGdata: B211455-A N Ni Ic 303 Im F8 V M3 D
MT ImpEn: B211455-A N Ni Ic 303 Im F8 V M3 D

Ianic (Spinward Marches 1924)
current : E560697-5 De Ni Ri 924 Im M3 V M7 V
HIWGdata: E360697-5 Ni Ri De 924 Im M6 II M9 D
MT ImpEn: E360697-5 Ni Ri De 924 Im M6 II M9 D

Thank you for your time.

Joshua Bell said...

Thank you for your feedback, Machida - this is excellent.

Re: Missing X-Boat routes - I will check with Don to see if these are intentional. The route to Ianic may have been removed intentionally.

Re: Bases - thanks; this was a bug in my parser for the text data (I was using T5-style base parsing instead of SEC-style base parsing). This has been fixed.

Re: UWP differences - I will check with Don.

Re: Dwarf stars - I will check with Don. I suspect this was intentional.

donm61873 said...

Those are intentional changes. The T5 Private Forum on COTI can give more details on the Marches changes.

The HIWG data needed a massive cleanup anyway.

However, anyone who's willing to do that much review, I'd love to go into more detail on specifics. Contact me at don.mckinney@gmail.com!

Anonymous said...

I actually like the 'J-5' route from Tenalphi to Strouden. I still consider it a J-4 route. It's cleaner than a jump from Teniphi to Persephone as that looks like three jumps. Also, if you use a compass centered on Tenslphai going out J-4, it ends up just short of Strouden. Who said Strouden was at the center of each hex?