Trying out Trello

I'm giving Trello a go as a shared/hosted bug tracking / wish list tool.

Go to the TravellerMap.com Wish List Board

Does this work for you? Try adding some items and comments. To much structure, not enough? My other options include a shared Google Spreadsheet, or a the bug tracker in a code.google.com/p project. (even though the site's code is not hosted there).

What are your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

Is this just a public display of your to do/bug/status tracking? (So no place for comments, but did not 'sign up')

Note, seems very stringent on browser version requirements - readers need latest subversions of latest versions.

Joshua Bell said...

The intent is that it's a "crowd-sourced" wish list/bug tracker. I believe I have it set up so that anyone with an account can add items.