More Data Cleanup

Thanks to the sharp eyes of commenters like 77topaz and research by Swiftbrook and others, several more data glitches have been identified and corrected:

  • Gateway Domain - Gateway, Crucis Margin, Glimmerdrift Reaches, Ley Sector - checked against the Gateway to Destiny: The Gateway Domain Sourcebook, name truncations fixed
  • Far Frontiers - polity capitals are now highlighted
  • Ilelish - truncations fixed (guesswork)
  • Yiklerzdanzh - truncations fixed (present in source SEC file as an appendix)
  • Spica - bracketing characters in names removed (were these formatting codes for some program?)
  • Vanguard Reaches - truncations fixed - sector file was regenerated from Chuck Kallenbach II's source data 
There are a few more things that need fixing, and certainly more sectors could use a once-over. As an administrative note, data glitches like repeating names or bogus UWPs will not be corrected on a world-by-world basis for any of these regions:
All of these vast regions are, at best, placeholders. Should you wish to "claim" a sector and give it a thorough scrub and provide background, go for it.

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Benjamin said...

I'm really looking forward to play my next Traveller campaign with this map. Just wanted to say thanks. =)