Touch Map

There's an experimental version of the map optimized for the iPad (and iPhone and iPod Touch) at:
Pinch and swipe to your heart's content. It's tested on the iPad and iPhone. It also works as Web Application: tap "+" then "Add to Home Screen" in Safari and you'll get an icon to launch the map with no browser UI.

There is no credits/metadata display, option panel, or search box - yet. Performance isn't what I'd like it to be, either. At some point in the future the main URL will auto-detect iThingies and automatically serve up this version, but I'll keep this URL alive until then.

It's worth visiting from your a "real" computer using Safari or Chrome (or Firefox, though I haven't tested it) and using the mouse wheel to zoom, since it implements intermediate zoom levels which makes zooming in and out really fun. Performance is also far better.

I'd be interested to hear if it works on Android or other modern devices that mimic Apple's touch API.



Robert Saint John said...

This is *amazing*!! It runs like a dream on my iPhone. This makes me want to go get the CT PDFs and stick them on the phone and have the whole darn universe in my pocket! Great, great job and thanks!

BeRKA said...

I am thinking of getting a Nokia N900. Will it work for that phone as well?

Joshua Bell said...

I don't have a Nokia but from some searching, Nokia touch devices implement the same touch API so... Maybe?

Rick said...

Joshua - that is seriously cool! I already have the CT/MT/JTAS PDF's on MobileMe (could also use Dropbox if you have a paid account or don't put much else in the free one), so I'm already a step ahead of Robert :)

Seems to run pretty well on my 3GS - don't have an iPad yet, but look forward to trying this out when I get one.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work on my Android Nexus. I can move around but not zoom.

Joshua Bell said...

According to http://www.html5rocks.com/en/mobile/touch.html the Nexus doesn't support multi-touch. Does it work in other HTML apps?