Stylish Changes

No substantial changes, but some minor tweaks:
  • Zones now show at scale 32 pixels/parsec (example)
  • Routes now show at scale 8 pixels/parsec (example)
  • In the latest Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Opera browsers, the neighbor subsector labels from the "little black book" generator are rotated (e.g. The Spinward Marches). The subsector capital is also called out in the blurb.
  • Lots of internal code cleanup in the HTML/JavaScript. One of the intentions of building this site was to learn modern Web development circa 2005, and I hadn't really gone back and applied the knowledge I've picked up since then. 
  • Made the legend center correctly (oops - it's been broken since I fixed the hex ratio)
  • Permalink coordinates are now rounded 3 decimal places.
I broke some functionality in IE for a day before noticing; please let me know if anything still seems awry in any browser.


Anonymous said...

Joshua: Things look good. I was one of those having IE trouble with the Map last week and am happy to say it's working fine now.

A question: do you happen to know if the rift located about eight (8) sectors rimward of the Hive Federation has a name?

Joshua Bell said...

The origin of that rift is this article by Mike Mikesh:


While the article contains a map, it's a map with no names. Alas.

"...a new book called Grand Exploration is being planned by the Digest Group" - that would have been fun.

RenMerc465 said...

Joshua - Thanks for your very prompt response. I knew I'd seen that article before but didn't know where to find it.

I've got a "pocket empire" I've been working on for a decade or three that I'm trying to place relative to Charted Space and it looks like it'll fit best in direction.