Campaign Cartographer Traveller Maps

As seen on the interwebs: a preview of Cosmographer 3, which will include Traveller mapping capabilities and maps. Looks very pretty!



BeRKA said...

Using Cosmographer 3, we can scrape the contents from the sectors of the travellermap. But is there a way for a user of Cosmographer 3 to modify the data?

Suggestion: Could there be a reserved sector where users can upload data, so it can be used in Cosmographer 3?

Joshua Bell said...

Hrm, not sure I follow. Can you outline the workflow in more detail? Why does the site need to be involved, rather than simply importing the data into Cosmographer directly?

BeRKA said...

That is how I think the scripts work in Cosmographer 3. It is only possible to import data from sectors existing on travellermap. There is no way to use your own data and meta file.

I have asked for it, and they have said they would implement it, but I haven't heard anything more.

So what I hoped for was that you could do something from your side to make custom data work when generating sectors in Cosmographer 3.

I thought you was involved in some way, since they use the data from your site.

Joshua Bell said...

I wasn't directly involved in the design, I just answered some questions about the data imports and API.

I haven't played with Cosmographer 3 yet (lousy 'net connection at home dissuaded me from downloading it and I've been using a Mac recently), but plan to give it a whirl this week. Didn't know you couldn't import the data.

I'll see how the import capability works. I expect it would be complicated to implement custom data this way, as it would require either giving every user a unique view of the site data and making sure Cosmographer sees that user's data... and if it's that flexible, it could be pointed at other sources. Alternately, there could be a reserved chunk of space to support shared end-user data (which is a cool idea for the future) but that introduces a raft of security issues and again I'm unsure how you'd point Cosmographer at it.

Joshua Bell said...

According to ProFantasy, the sector data importer will be made available soon for custom data:


BeRKA said...

Thank you for the information. I'll hope they provide the importer soon.