Nothing to see here (almost)

Well, hopefully no changes. I've done some behind the scenes tweaks recently though:
  • Can now parse other data file formats. This is in anticipation of new data files for T5. Not used yet.
  • The web services now provide either XML or JSON data, depending on the HTTP "Accept" header (specify "application/json" to get JSON data, default is still XML). For the curious, the services are:
    • /Coordinates.aspx?sector=SECTORNAME[&hex=XXYY] example
    • /Credits.aspx?x=XCOORD&y=YCOORD (in internal map coordinates) example
    • /Search.aspx?q=QUERY example
  • The Beta Page now uses JSON instead of XML for smaller queries and faster parsing
  • The Beta Page no has switched from using XML/XSLT to JSON/JSONT and should now work in Safari 1.3 (e.g. MacOS X 10.4)
I've also cleaned up a few label positions around the edges of the Imperium, but nothing special. Ω

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