Custom Posters

I've added HTTP POST support to the Poster API - including documentation and sample forms.

In English:

If you have a .SEC file you can now upload it and have it rendered for you, including optional XML metadata. However, the sample form is raw - you can't specify rendering options. It should be possible for someone to write a form that exposes all of the rendering options/scale parameters as check-boxes. Ω


BeRKA said...

I just must say that this is really cool!

I have thought about implementing something similar for my random subsector generator, but what You have done is much better.

Merry X-mas!

Mark A. Graybill said...

This is really great. Having access to all the options is great, too.

One thing...can you update the format page to show what data is expected/accepted here? The sample data isn't standard .sec format, the format listed on the formats page doesn't include system names, and I'm not getting maps of my data because there are things about mapping that I don't know about. Frex, where does the GG flag go?


Joshua Bell said...

Doing formal doc on data formats has been on my plate for a while.

For the uploads, the basic format is:

name hex UWP base remarks zone PBG allegiance stellar

name - freeform
hex - four digits
base - single character or space
remarks - freeform, but must not contain single letter codes, and must be at least 10 characters wide
zone - single character or space (supported: ARGFUB)
PBG - XXX (usually digits but B and G can be "Traveller hex" for > 9)
allegiance - two characters
stellar - freeform

Separators between fields must be spaces.