Metadata and Legend

Updates to "beta" version of the page that includes data and credits for location the map is centered on:
  • Click on Control box just inside the border to hide it
  • Tweak the formatting of metadata
  • Added a link to a Map Legend - feedback appreciated!
Other fixes:
  • Fix location of Lesser Rift label
  • Tweak UWP parser regex to catch travel zones w/ no base or codes - Clan (1103 Spinward Marches) wasn't showing as an Amber Zone
  • Added subsector names for: Provence, Windhorn, Meshan, Astron, Fulani, Theta Borealis, Theron, Iphigenaia, Touchstone, Delphi, Karleaya, Alpha Crucis, Spica, Uistilrao, Aldebaran, Neworld, Banners, Hanstone, Malorn, Hadji, Storr
  • Labels now render on top of routes (doesn't obscure the text)
  • Precise borders are now shown at scale 4 and higher (i.e. as soon as you zoom in)
  • Borders are now thicker at maximum zoom
[Update, January 2008]

The "beta" version of the page mentioned here is out of beta. Ω

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border reiver said...

Time to take an RSS feed off this site. Still the greatest single Traveller resource online, though the Traveller Wiki is catching fast.