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Candy looks great, but can you get more images so they don't repeat?

Sure, you render them and I'll include them. 120px x 120px, 24-bit PNGs with 8-bit alpha. Let me know what UWP ranges they should represent.

Can you add a secret parameter to make the candy-style images have higher image quality?

I'll try. I tried making them PNGs to get really crisp results but the compression blew out the memory available for the server process.

Can you make a version I can take with me?

Alas no. Actually crafting a local version isn't that hard, but the overhead of maintaining a desktop application is not something I'm willing to take on. I've shipped widely used desktop applications professionally for many years, and it's not trivial to get something that's decent quality. I took on the web site because it was easy!

Can you add a key? I like Traveller, but I don't know what all of these symbols mean!

Urk, I can't believe I didn't do that. It's on my To Do list. For now, though, here's the cheat sheet.
  • The circles in the middle represent the "mainworld" of a system (most important). White = no easily available water present (all in ice caps, desert world, etc), blue = liquid water present (easy refuelling), 4 diamonds = asteroids (it's the easiest thing to draw)
  • Small white circle in the upper right indicates a Gas Giant in the system, for fuel skimming
  • Symbols in the upper left and lower left indicate bases. Triangles are scout bases; red are scout way stations. Stars are naval bases. (I don't think I render non-Imperial bases at all correctly at the moment.)
  • Letters at the top indicate starport class - A = Best, E = Worst, X = nothing
  • A circle around the system indicates the travel code; yellow = amber zone (Danger!), red = red zone (Interdicted by the Navy)
  • Two letter code in the lower right indicates allegiance (Cs = client state of the Imperium, Zh = Zhodani, So = Solomani, etc)
  • Capitalized world names indicate a population >= 1 billion
  • Red world names indicate a local capital



Anonymous said...

Is the trojan subsector labeled Rax Rulin actually called Pax Rulin?

I could be wrong, but I always thought it was Pax.

Joshua Bell said...

Oops! Good catch - just a typo!