I've started adding routes (XBoat, Jump-5, and so on) to the maps. Thus far it's limited to Riftspan Reaches (c/o Travellers' Digest #19), the Spinward Marches, and the Gateway Domain - the latter two based on work done by J. Greely over at his Gateway to PDF resource page.

The Riftspan Reaches looks the coolest, if you haven't seen the route before. Zoom in a few steps, and trace the J-5 route of the furry land junkies as they seek to encroach on what is clearly Humaniti's rightful domain.

If anyone wants to help out transcribing routes, let me know. It's pretty easy to do a sector - just a little time consuming! It's all going into a nice XML dataset that's easily sharable, too.

Right now the routes slam right into the worlds - there's no attempt to make them end just shy of the world. But it ends up looking "pretty good" so I'll leave it like that for now. My goal of rendering the Deluxe Traveller Spinward Marches poster on the fly for arbitrary sectors is getting closer. Ω

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BeRKA said...

This looks really cool! :-) Looking forward to seeing this implemented in other sectors.