Empty Quarter (literally)

Thanks to Jason "Flynn" Kemp I have much more reasonable data for the Empty Quarter sector - the old "Sunbane" data was based off of the Atlas but didn't have credits associated with it. Worst case with the new data: we know who to blame. Fortunately, it's excellent, so I don't think we have any worries. And thanks to his excellent fanzine Stellar Reaches, I also have xboat routes - at least, for three of the four quadrants so far. (Hence the title.)

I've also added subsector names for the Old Expanses sector from High Passage #3. Four different names were published in Challenge #39 along the edges of the Hinterworlds maps, but the Old Expanses data matches the 3 subsectors I have from High Passage #3 and #4, so I figured I might as well keep the same data source for the sector.

I can still glean some routes from those 3 subsectors, but otherwise - ulp! - I'm dry. I really need Travellers' Digest #11 (Massilia), #12 (rest of Old Expanses) and #15 (Daibei) to fill in the big missing chunks in the Grand Tour data. #8 and #9 would also be nice to round out Core.

Anyone want to help? Ω


Flynn said...


You should find the Xboat Route information for the CT Era of the Empty Quarter sector in the PDF files found here:

The 993 data used in Stellar Reaches is based on a regression of this original CT data using the method given in Issue #3 of Stellar Reaches.

If you are looking for CT data, I'd prefer you use the CT data found on the site given above, as it is in keeping with the AotI.

Hope this helps,

Flynn said...

Ooops. My apologies. I think you are using the CT data, but not the routes, from the Empty Quarter webpage.


Joshua Bell said...

D'oh, and I totally failed to notice the PDF of the CT sector sitting right next to the CT data. I've updated it with the Julian Protectorate routes in the upper left.

The dangling routes don't say encouraging things about the quality of the Antares data I'm using, though.

Flynn said...

No worries. There isn't any published Antares data, so I might have second-guessed based on someone else's map or something in regards to the dangling routes.

I can always redo the routes once I have better data available. What's the source of your Antares data?

With Regards,