More Routes

Added routes for the Solomani Rim (GDW/Supplement 10), Dark Nebula and Reaver's Deep, Vland and the whole Domain of Deneb (DGP/The Travellers' Digest).

Colors aren't right yet - I'm still waffling on this since in the classic Spinward Marches poster they're green for everyone (Imperial, Darrian and Zhodani). Also, there are many "dangling routes" along the edges due to data inconsistencies. Ω

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BeRKA said...

The problem with routes that does not connect has been annoying to me too.

Should we say that the Spinward Marches map is the golden one, and change the surrounding sectors, or should we just change the angle of a route on the Spinward Marches map.

I say we just change the angle. That is what I did with the Iasha - Errere route.