Data Overview 2021

 Trying to get back on track... changes since May 2020.

The previous versions of the Beyond and Vanguard Reaches sectors, derived from the Paranoia Press 1981 versions, can be pulled from the version history for use with the Poster Maker here:
And beyond Charted Space:

Overview of Charted Space Data, 2021

Non-Data Updates:
  • Sister site TravellerWorlds got a major UI overhaul.
  • API additions:
    • Support custom colors for map overlays (os and ocs)
    • Add compact overlay URL form (or and oc)
    • Added /api/milieux
  • Metadata additions:
    • Add LabelOffsetX/Y to Border/Region metadata elements
    • Add OffsetX property to Label metadata elements
  • Fixed some SVG generation issues causing incompatibility with browsers/tools other than Chrome
  • Numerous new "lint" checks



vonPilsner said...

Would you please make the old Beyond and Vanguard data available? My long-running campaign was set there and I did not know the data was in danger of disappearing or I would have made good copies.

Would it be possible to obtain copies of the sec and xml files that were in used at the end of 2020?


vonPilsner said...

Nevermind, I found what I needed by reverting your source a few days back...

Joshua Bell said...

Glad you found it. The older versions can be found at:



Vanguard Reaches.tab

Vanguard Reaches.xml

BeRKA said...

Great to see that the map is growing!

Graham said...

Great to see the map expanded. Hope that 'Ares Sector' which I sent to you a while ago makes it to the map in the next update.

Still have some 'iron's in the fire' which I will send once I'm satisfied with them.