Data Overview 2020

Another quiet year.

  • Updates to K'kree space by Jim Kundert, including X'kug placeholders and metadata.
  • Updates to Hiver space by Mark Humphreys, including regions and stellar data.
  • Demnan subsector and other region names from Deepnight Revelation.
  • Updated Kaa G!'kul data by Chris Griffen.
  • Reduce number of bright stars in Crucis Margin.
  • Route fixes throughout space, c/o observations by Vareck Bostrom.
  • Tweaks to Far Frontiers world data to align with FASA publications, c/o Graham Donald.
  • Distant Fringe (Faraway/ATU) sectors moved to a new location.
  • Apocryphal sectors Rigel and Nowhere, c/o Graham Donald
  • Worlds from Alien Realms added to Waroatahe subsector N.
  • Updates to SoCf worlds in Aldebaran, Canopus, Langere and Neworld, c/o Randy Dorman.
  • Updates to subsector names in Magyar, c/o Randy Dorman.

Non-data updates include:
  • Route markers show for canned search results (e.g. Log of the Grayswandir)
  • Info cards: Click to zoom in to world map.
  • Info cards: Add link to route planning.
  • Info cards: Show research station, prison, and exile camp more prominently.
  • Better layout on modern smartphones.
  • Add Mongoose map style.

Detailed updates can always be found in the GitHub commit log.


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