Route Maker

I added a Route Maker tool to facilitate entry of route metadata by simply clicking on a map. It's a bit rough, but it's similar to a custom desktop application I put together a few years ago when I was inputting all of the Travellers Digest routes. Not too fancy, but better than typing.

Eventually I'll get Border Maker added as well, and ideally unify everything into a Metadata Maker or some such.



Anonymous said...

I can not get the route finder to work correctly. It will generate the map, but will not add routes to the map.

I'm using Firefox 33.0 on Windows 7.

Joshua Bell said...

Thanks... should be fixed in FF now.

BeRKA said...

This is great. I wish there was a zoom or a way to use it on one subsector.

Looking forward to the border maker.

BeRKA said...

Another thing that would be useful would be if there was some kind of border, maybe 3 hexes wide, outside the sector that you could start or end routes in.