Paranoia's Vanguard Reaches / Beyond Data?

Anyone have the Paranoia Press versions of the Beyond and Vanguard Reaches data?

For reference, 0101 Vanguard Reaches would be "Bingzi-Bangzi" and 0102 Beyond would be "Station One".

The data I have right now is Chuck Kallenbach II's data, via the Internet Archive at
"In September of 1994, I created new data to illustrate the then current state of both the Vanguard Reaches sector and the Beyond sector for Traveller: The New Era. These are the most recent data concerning these sectors. ... All of these files are current as of 001-1200..."
Since it's all apocryphal anyway, I'd prefer to have the crazy retro Paranoia Press sectors in all their golden age glory. Anyone?

EDIT: I have hardcopies - I'm looking for nicely formatted SEC data files.

EDIT: I believe I have this sorted now. Details to follow...


dragoner said...

Marc has them as pdf's, apocrypha 2 disk, iirc.

Joshua Bell said...

I found a reasonably good transcription of Beyond at: http://www.ocean-of-storms.com/core/astrogat/fB.htm

Lots of cleanup necessary, but it's a start.

BeRKA said...

The Beyond data is in Galactic 2.4 that you can find here:

There you can also find descriptions of the strange UWP, Base, Allegiance codes used.

The version of Vanguard Reaches that you are looking for is not in Galactic.