Data Overview 2014

Belated "Happy New Year!" - time for the annual data round-up. Past Overviews

Here's what's new since 2013:
  • Adjusted Deneb borders, per T5 Second Survey.
  • Regenerated borders in the Gateway Quadrant
  • Per the T5 Second Survey, polities of only two worlds don't get borders/allegiance, and are simply "owned" worlds. This mostly affected Reavers' Deep, Trojan Reach and Glimmerdrift Reaches
  • All of the Hive Federation fleshed out c/o Mark Humphreys
  • Group One's classic version of Theta Borealis
  • Stiatlchepr by Dale Jenkins
  • Holowon by Brian Smaller and Mikhail by Ed Anderson - both adaptations of personal campaigns
  • Placeholders in K'kree space - maybe we'll get some official data for the Two Thousand Worlds someday? Pretty please?
  • Spangele by 77topaz - although Dale Jenkins sent me a version as well at almost exactly the same time!
Those last two notes should be a reminder: any unofficial data can get paved over or simply removed at any time. While you can always ping me to see if someone is working on a sector, I may not be able to share details in all cases.

Someone remind me again in 2015, okay?



77topaz said...

One thing I just noticed is that subsector names seem to be rendered in exactly the same shade as the hex grid and thus merges to some degree.

Joshua Bell said...

Yeah, I want to dim the hex grid slightly. I did that for the sector/subsector grid as well.

77topaz said...

That's probably a good idea.

Consul-At-Arms said...
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Reaver said...

A small query - all my source material use "Trojan Reaches" as the sector name, but TravellerMap uses "Trojan Reach". Has the name been officially changed or is this an error?

Joshua Bell said...

Both are used. More recent publications (eg Mongoose) seem to use the shorter variant.

Personally I think "Reaches" sounds like it's trying to copy "Marches" so prefer "Reach" but YMMV. Searching for either will work though.

Joshua Bell said...

FWIW, it's "Trojan Reach" as far back as GDW's CT Alien Module 1: Aslan.