T5 Second Survey Data

As part of an ongoing development process for Traveller 5 the data set for all worlds in the Imperium are getting reviewed. With help from Don McKinney, the latest data is now live on the site. Thanks to everyone who's been contributing nitpicks and reporting errors - this information has been fed back into the process to help make sure the new data set is as high quality as possible.

The following sectors have been updated, baselined at 1105:
In addition, the following tweaks have been made:
  • Added "Reavers' Deep" and "Reavers Deep" as aliases
  • IFRAME no longer steals focus (which fixes the API page to not scroll down on load)
  • Speaking of the API page, it now links to the correct AotI coverage area
  • Fix Egyrn Subsector's name (thanks to Makoto MACHIDA for commenting)
Many of the data changes will be intentional, but obviously with this volume of cleanup there will be further glitches, so start the bug reports coming!



77topaz said...

On the ImageTest page, it is visible that the rendering for numerous zoomed-out scales has changed. Was that intentional?

Joshua Bell said...

No; the differences may be just imperceptible differences that render differently between my local system and the live site. I'll take a look

77topaz said...

Nr. 19 still renders differently.

Joshua Bell said...

In Chrome and Safari the tests pass for me. What browser are you using? I may need to make the comparison slightly forgiving.

77topaz said...

Internet Explorer.

Craig A. Glesner said...

Well, good news and bad news.

Good news it doesn't hang any more.

Bad news, it is missing the metadata I have been using with the post function fine. I get no borders, routes, sector or subsector names.

Also, it renders in some format that my pukey iPad can't save. I thought it rendered a PDF which it can open and save in other programs.

Request: Can we get the beta world TC colors in the booklet? Those rule!

Joshua Bell said...

Craig - are you referring to the T5 data in the post you replied to? I'm guessing not. Can you reply to a more recent or relevant post, and provide more data about what you're trying to do and what's failing?

The booklet functionality just produces an HTML page on the fly. It's easiest to "print to PDF" from a "real" computer to get a PDF you can copy to your device. Server-side PDF generation is on the TODO list.