Data Updates

Thanks to Don McKinney, data for the following sectors has been updated:

These should match the latest published data and are aligned with the T5 data cleanup. The updated Ley Sector data and slightly routes match those in Mongoose Publishing's Minor Alien Module 1: Luriani which is now available for purchase.

Other tweaks:
  • Rendering: the space behind starport classes is now blanked out so they should be more readable if they overlap routes. (Does not apply for filled borders or candy style.)
  • You can now specify routes=0 (API docs) in image APIs to suppress rendering routes at any scale



77topaz said...

At scale 32, research stations render a bit strangely (offset).

Joshua Bell said...

Thanks, fixed.

Joshua Bell said...

Also, fixed 4 worlds that were erroneously excluded from Gvurrdon.

Makoto MACHIDA said...

I found an error in a travellermap.

Trojan Reach Sector:
Subsector B name is "Egyrn", not "Egryn". (from Leviathan, Mongoose AM1, etc.)
Realgar(2213) base type is "N". (from TI Fanzine #1)
2714 system name is "Hradus", not "Hraduse". (from Atlas of Imperium, etc.)

Vland Sector:
Gemid(1903) tech level is "G". (from TD #4)
Anarsi(2205) is subsector capital in circa 1105. (from TD #4 Library Data "Daama")

Lishun Sector:
Shuna(0227) is subsector capital. (from TD #6)
Masionia(1114) is subsector capital.(from TD #7)

Dagudashaag Sector:
Kimalad(1506) is subsector capital. (from Signal-GK #4)
3008 system name is "Iiradu", and subsector capital. (from SGK #12)
Ushra(1016) is subsector capital. (from SGK #3)
D'Artur(0924) is subsector capital. (from SGK #13)
Medurma(2124) is sector capital. (from SGK #2)
Collette(2725) is subsector capital. (from SGK #6)
Argi(1431) is subsector capital. (from SGK #1)
Sapphyre(2137) is subsector capital. (from SGK #7)

Solomani Rim Sector:
Eleusis(2109) is subsector capital. (from Supplement 10)
1326 system name is "Shulgiili", not "Shilgiili". (from IMPERIUM, etc.)

77topaz said...

That's more than AN error. :P

77topaz said...

On red-zone worlds, the symbols for research stations or prison worlds are partially hidden at scale 64.

Joshua Bell said...

@Makoto MACHIDA:

Thanks, I've passed those on to Don McKinney who's helping MWM review the sectors with Imperial worlds.

Capitals from the fanzines (TD, SGK) probably never made it into the GEnie data uploads or later HIWG corrections.

I can fix the subsector name (Egyrn) which is probably a typo on my part.

Joshua Bell said...


Ugh, those hexes are pesky. I'll keep working on glyph layout. Thanks for pointing it out.

77topaz said...

Looking at the ImageTest page, the rendering at scale 0.063 has changed. Was that intentional?