Routes for Dagudashaag

Based on the excellent Traveller fanzine Signal-GK, I've added routes for Dagudashaag.

The routes are based on the sector xboat route maps printed in Issue #1. One of the routes shown there are missing from the subsector map in #4 (1409-1709), but the route is logical so I left it in.

Hats off to Leighton Piper for the reprinting work, Andrew Pickford for the original subsector map work and the rest of the Dagudashaag Development Team: J.Duncan Law-Green, Adie Stuart, Stuart Machin, Jae Campbell and Alison Nash.

I tweaked inter-sector routes into Vland and Core to join things up. I'm still not happy with the mess in Laraa near Reference (Core 0140) but I guess I need to wait for the rest of the reprints.

PS: Where's Telura Subsector, in issue #7 according to the Traveller Bibliography? Ω

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