https available

You can now access the site via the alternative URL:
(Note: that's 'https' as in 'secure', and no 'www')

Not that the site stores any user data, but this (in theory) means that any data you post for rendering using the various tools can't be observed or modified by malicious network denizens thanks to end-to-end encryption. And if someone hijacks the site you'll get a certificate warning.

This may not work in really, really old operating systems like Windows XP, so I'm not going to redirect http requests to https for a bit. On the flip side, modern browsers are pretty strict about trusted sites including non-trusted content, so some random stuff may fail, so please give it a whirl and let me know if you see any glitches. Ω


Thomas Jones-Low said...

Have you, or are you, updating the API to use HTTPS? If so I'll need to adjust my use.

Joshua Bell said...

Both will continue to work. It's many years away at the soonest before dropping http will be viable.