Nothing to see here, I hope...

I've rejiggered a bunch of the internal workings of the site in ways that are only of interest to developers. The last 40 or so revisions moved away from serving data and images using "ASPX" pages to HttpHandler. Ideally, there's no change in behavior except that unnecessary cruft isn't running. The best part from a developer perspective is that all URL handling for the services is now done programmatically - no hosted files are necessary to add APIs, just code. The code for that lives in the Global.asax.cs file, if you're curious. As an added bonus, I'm using regular expressions for URL dispatching so it's easier to e.g. distinguish /data/sector/subsector from /data/sector/hex and more possibilities are now available - I should be able to enable named subsector references, for example.

Since there are third party sites and services using the old "aspx" APIs I've carefully added aliases to allow those to continue to work. If you're using them, please try and migrate to the new APIs (/api/...) ASAP.

And of course, if I broke anything, please let me know. I fixed one bug along the way - JumpMaps were not correctly eliding out-sector borders. I can't believe no-one told me about that!


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