Recent Changes

Quick update on some minor changes that have gone in recently:
  • Added Holowan / Rim Worlds sector, by Brian Smaller
  • Added Mikhail / Varan sector by Ed "Dalthor Et Magera" Anderson
  • Added subsector names for KnoellighzDhuerorrgNgathksirz sectors, by Mike Davis - thanks to Dale Jenkins for the pointer.
  • The credits area will display "Unofficial" if the sector data is not vetted data from the T5 Second Survey. Foreven gets a special "Preserve" indicator.
  • The old subsector.htm demo page (a prelude to the LBB generator) has apparently been broken for months and no-one noticed, so it's been deleted.
  • Sector posters now suppress the subsector grid lines around the edges, which were just visual clutter.



77topaz said...

There seem to be a few misalignments at the Holowon-Amderstun sector border.

77topaz said...

Plus, the sector name seems to be displayed as "Holowan" (was it not originally "Holowon"), and, the "Az" allegiance in Holowon/wan should be replaced by "As", as it is labelled "Aslan Worlds".

77topaz said...

Additionally, the polity name "League of Suns" ("Ls") is shared with a pocket empire in Far Frontiers Sector.

Anonymous said...

True. But given the size of space and the number of polities the chances of two with the same name are not impossibly high given that they are ten sectors apart. There are two worlds called Heroni six hexes apart in the Spinward Marches after all.

As to not matching up with Amderstun - both sectors are officially unofficial. I could add some borders to match it up.


BeRKA said...

I like what you did to the Sector posters.