Service Outages

Apparently there's a lot more traffic than normal to the map site, and it's causing the server to restart on a fairly regular basis. It's not clear what the cause is at the moment - likely a resource leak or some other bug that's not usually obvious on the site.

My apologies for the inconvenience. I may need to shut some services down to try and isolate the problem. Ω


Arthur Snyder said...

The T5 Kickstarter Surveys went out asking backers for the name and sector location of the various world associated with their knighthoods, patents of nobility and TAS membership cards

Joshua Bell said...

Oh yeah, I was aware of the source. I'll post an traffic graph soon. It's rather obvious when the survey went out. The access logs alone for Wednesday were 85MB!

There's been a nice amount of sustained traffic since then; I think the site has held up well, but there's obviously something buggy that trips my host's memory meter that I need to fix.

If the site reset itself more quickly it wouldn't even be noticeable, but it appears to take a minute or two after being killed before it responds again.