Sorry about the lack of updates recently. Home and work have been quite busy lately and there's usually a baby sleeping next to my dev box.

I'm penciling in a weekend in June to do some work on the site, including: world data tweaks (per comment threads), border updates, and back-porting some of the "touch" code to the main page for smoother zooming. Ω


Anonymous said...

Love the map. Awesome job!
Any thought of adding a section to display the key for the symbols?

Joshua Bell said...

Use the Legend link in the right panel.

(The experimental Touch version doesn't have it yet.)

77topaz said...

There's new sector data at http://explorerbase.wikispaces.com , and Jeff Zeitlin (Freelance Traveller creator/editor) has data for the Rim Route.

Joshua Bell said...

Thanks, 77topaz. It looks like the sector data was created by you? May in incorporate it into the travellermap.com site?

77topaz said...

Yes, I did create the explorerbase sector data.
Yes, you may incorporate it. I'm working on more, too. :)
The Rim Route data was created by "Turokan", who is now apparently deceased.

Joshua Bell said...

The explorerbase data is now incorporated.