Scale and Content Fixes

A handful of bug fixes

Fix ParsecScaleX constant from 0.868 to cos(30°). (Reported by Joachim Pfaff)

This has been wrong since the site was created - I must have estimated the number (or it was a typo - it's closer to 0.866) and never corrected it. This unfortunately means that permalinks - which encode a non-scaled x/y - are now slightly off. Given that the coordinate system starts at Reference, this means the farther you get from the center of the Imperium the more the old permalinks will be off.

Fortunately, this isn't far - compare Regina - new permalink, old permalink. Since it's less than a parsec, I'm not going to call on Plan B, which would be to honor old permalinks and tag new permalinks in some way (additional argument, changed coordinate names, etc.).

Fix erroneous inclusion of invalid neighbor subsector labels. (Reported by BeRKA.)

Stupid logic glitch on my part - I was allowing the "neighbor subsector" calculation to wrap around.

Fix subsector name for Zhodane (from Zhdant to Gaval) per Supplement 11. (Reported by Thomas Jones-Low.)

Dunno where "Zhdant" came from as the subsector name - probably an older sector file. But it's now corrected, per Supp 11. Ω

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