Spinward Marches Data Update

Despite numerous updates to the bulk of the Imperial data (thanks to the CotI cleanup crew), the Domain of Deneb has suffered in comparison. There has been so much attention paid to this area that there are multiple updates and contradictory canonical and quasi-canonical publications (Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches, The Spinward Marches Campaign, MegaTraveller Journal, Regency Sourcebook, etc). Of course, between the Second Survey (1065) and Rebellion (1116-) there was also the Fifth Frontier War (1107-1110) that redrew borders. So even if you set your campaign on the eve of the Rebellion (not coincidentally the end of the Classic Traveller era and the branch point with the GURPS Traveller alternate timeline) - which is ostensibly the era of my map - it's tricky to get the data just right.

A few weeks ago I sent email to Jerry R. Mapes asking if I could include his cleaned up Spinward Marches data in my site. He granted permission, with a warning that there was additional cleanup to do and that his failing health precluded spending time on it, but that he was optimistic for the future. Sadly, reality intervened, and Jerry passed away a few days ago. (

I've taken his SM 1105 file and made some further corrections by comparing it with other extant data files to turn up anomalies, and set the allegiances to Post-5FW which match the borders on my map.

Here are the specific changes:

  • 0605 name "Algeblaster" --> "Algebaster" (per S3:SM, RSB) - this is consistently mis-typed in SEC files, but is consistently "Algebaster" in print.
  • 3228 name "Fen's Gren" --> "Fenl's Gren" (per S3:SM text) - the alternate "Fen's Gren" name appears on the S3 map and in SMC and RSB. I have no particular attachment, but I saw no big reason to deviate from S3:SM
  • 2125 pbg "725" --> "723" (per RSB) - probably just a typo
  • 2519 name "Plannet" --> "Pannet" (per S3:SM, RSB) - another consistently mis-typed name in SEC files, but consistently "Pannet" in print
  • 0234 name "Andory" --> "Andor" (per SMC, RSB) - this is contraversial. In S3:SM this "Andory" in both the data and map but later sources use "Andor". As this is a fairly well-known world (one of the few multi-world Droyne states in Charted Space) I kept "Andor".
  • 1110,1209,1210,1311 alleg --> "Fa" - the Federation of Arden worlds, post-5FW
  • 1324,1325,1522,1523,1524,1525,1526,1529,1626,1627,1628 alleg --> "Bw" - the Border Worlds, post-5FW
  • 0236,0336 alleg "Im" --> "Dr" - S3:SM left these as Imperial, but later sources annotate these as trade code "Dw" (Droyne world) or allegiance "Dr" (Droyne). Again, since these are Significant in Charted Space, I decided to make them stand out on the map.
As always, comments appreciated. Ω


Anonymous said...

I love your map. IIRC you mentioned a long time ago the ambitious idea of making it era-selectable so that you could hit a radial button and see the UWPs/borders change just like zooming? That would be a great feature, assuming enough data existed to implement it (probably not).

If you plan to implement it, is it a long term plan or just an idea?

Joshua Bell said...

@Anonymous: It's a long term plan. I actually have a bunch of the code written for it, but I haven't touched it in over a year so I'd have to dust it off and see how far I got.

There are open questions as well. For example, if you select M0 should it show only M0 data or M0 data when available and M1000 data to fill in the gaps? Same question, but M1000 and M1100 ? Or M1100 and M1120 ?

This can be exposed to the user as options, I suppose, but the UI is a bit cluttered already. I need to make the options panel a true "accordion" display where the sections expand/collapse on use; search sorta-kinda does that already but it's a one-off hack.

Finally, most of the data isn't tagged with era, and the metadata certainly isn't (it's all roughly 1110). So there's a LOT of work to categorize the data. I wish the site was more amenable to collaboration. :(