That article on rifts from Security Leak fanzine was too good to pass up, so I've incorporated Mike Mikesh's speculation on the extent of the local rifts. Check it out:

Rift rendering using vectors has been dropped, and it now relies on a bitmap - this gives softer edges which IMHO is an improvement. If you zoom out the rifts gradually fade as they become insignificant relative to the overall Galactic structure. If you zoom in they fade in, then disappear at the same point where the map stops rendering "background" stars - now at 4 pixels/parsec. In between they're quite pretty - and look somewhat like an absorption (or "dark") nebula.

The effect is present but not particularly visible in non-Candy styles as well, most notably now as dark shading in the "Atlas" style which mimics (crudely) the shading of the rifts shown in the Alien Module maps. The edges of the rifts are a bit coarse, and I'll probably tweak them over time.

As always, comments appreciated. Ω

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BeRKA said...

Very nice, both this and the galaxy rendering. :-)