More search tweaks

Okay, a few more tweaks:
  • The handling of multi-word searches is now "Web-like". Multiple words in a search turn into multiple AND clauses. So "so ri" would find Solomani Rim sector.
  • You can specify exact: as a prefix to force an exact name match of that term. So "exact:sol" will find only Sol subsector.
  • You can specify uwp: as a prefix to match a UWP. (Searching only for XXXXXXX-X remains as a shortcut for a UWP search.)
  • If you use wildcards, the "prefix search" functionality is turned off. That is, normally "reg" would match "Regina" and "Beta Regilis". "reg*" will only match names starting with "reg"
And you can combine these, for example:

  • t* uwp:*f - find worlds starting with T with Tech Level F
  • exact:terra uwp:a* - find worlds named Terra with Class A starports
  • Searches are performed on specific item data only, not the context of the item. By that I mean: you can't search on "solomani rim uwp:a*" since it would only search for worlds named "solomani" and "rim".
  • Search results may include alternate languages or spellings that are known to the site metadata but aren't shown. For example, Solomani Rim is known as Kushuggi in Vilani, so "kush*" would find it, although it won't be apparent why.


BeRKA said...

While using the search function to find my pirate heaven, I noticed somethng strange in Khoellighz (a.k.a Knoellighz) sector.

There seems to be duplicate worlds. (E.g. when serching for "Ouollou", I find 2 worlds next to each other. When I look close, it's the same thing with other worlds as well.

Dan Eveland said...

Man, you are so awesome. This map system you made is just so fantastic. Promise if you even get bored with it or with Traveller you ask for places to continue to host it. I volunteer my servers.

It's really something that could be used in game as well as a general Traveller reference.

I am in awe of your skill and capability.