It's Just Not There

I was pondering the X-Boat route from Tenalphi to Strouden in the Spinward Marches - which, as everyone knows, is 5-parsecs long despite X-Boats being J4 - and settled on an explanation IMTU.

Spinward Marches 2127 doesn't exist.

Jump Space goes non-Cartesian for that parsec. You can't jump to that hex. Jump distances measured across that hex are one parsec shorter than they would appear to be. It's like... oh, I don't know... someone cut out that hex and stretched the map around it in to fill in the gap.

Now... who could do a think like that? And why would they want to erase an entire hex in the Spinward Marches? Ω


donm61873 said...

Isn't is easier to just assume that route is a typo that's survived EVERY edition?

BeRKA said...

I like that idea. :-)

It could be an ancient jump space nullifier, that still is active.

What will happen when the PCs find it and does what PCs always do... (E.g. pressing buttons on a device they don't understand.)

I.M.T.U. it is just an experimental route.