The Equinox is Nigh: Candy and Eggs

Wayne Peters dropped me an updated background image for the Candy Style rendering. The old image was a JPEG, and since you always see it zoomed in the artifacts were noticeable. The new image is a PNG and so no more artifacts. The tiles themselves are still JPEG, but you don't notice the compression. (example)

Also... it's that time of the year again. My wife has broken out her pysanky-making tools again and chickens are looking nervous. While decorating some she glanced at some of my Traveller maps laying about (I finally picked up copies of the Judges Guild sectors), and said "you should do a map egg - you design it, I'll do all the work". So here it is:



Anonymous said...

Holy moly! That's cool!

BeRKA said...

So pointless, yet so cool! That was the best easter-egg I have seen!

How long did it take You make this egg?

Joshua Bell said...

It took about 45 minutes to draw the hex grid with pencil, and then about 3 hours total including applying the wax and doing careful dye dipping. Longer elapsed time, as it had to soak in the dye and dry.

Anonymous said...

That egg had to come from a Class A starport...

pretty cool

Rob said...

Excellent!! Very cool!

I'm green with envy. :)

Rob D

Tom said...

Berka (as usual) said it best. :0)

One question: Is it an actual map sector? If so, which one?

(No planet names and I have a hard time imagining the map unfurled from the egg)

Crazy fun!

Joshua Bell said...


It's not any particular sector. I wanted colors from the classic poster (so red and blue borders), and a pattern that wraps around limited the amount of detail.

Having a yellow zone near a pointy bit of border was inspired by Regina/Ruie, but otherwise I pretty much winged it.

I've added an "unwrapped" view of the egg via some cheesy editing (I wish I had a slit-scan apparatus), with an arbitrary seam chosen. Perhaps it's one of Grandfather's pocket universes with an odd topology?

Anyone want to do up the SEC file? :)