I'm back, and a few suggestions

While I was away, Roger Carden sent in a couple of suggestions that I thought I'd share, just so everyone can see what I think.

1) Set it up so that you can select a time period, so you can see what known space looked like in the Interstellar Wars era (GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars), the "Milieu 0" era (Traveller 4th Ed), 1100 era (Classic Traveller), Session Era (Mega Traveller) or the new era (The New Era).
I'd love to do this. Right now, though, finding enough data for a single era is tricky! However, some day this may be possible with judicious use of collapsing/advancing algorithms. I'd also need to finish the "produce decent borders" work.

2) How about an additional feature when you double click on a system, to create a pop up with the full planetary profile from Book 6 Scouts?
In my "started but not finished" pile is a feature that would show you the credits for a sector/subsector/world when you hovered over it or zoomed in. This could easily be extended to show the UWP. If you zoom in far enough I'd love to show the whole system.

One of my favorite sites is Extrasolar Visions, and these pages are inspirational:


The former shows comparisons of known stellar systems. When I was first playing Traveller in the early 1980s I read books full of this sort of diagram. (See Worlds of the Federation for an example.) This was pure science fiction. It's astoundingly cool that this is now solid science. Ω


Mickazoid said...

The more I check out your site, the more impressed I am.

Perhaps the randomizer and mapper could help the Survey teams towards opening up the rest of uncharted galactic space? :)

Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for this terrific site and the gorgeous Classic Traveller look-and-feel.

Micco said...

Very awesome Joshua. I'll second Roger's desire for the Interstellar Wars view. I'm trying to do almost the same thing for my campaign (GURPS: Instellar Wars, Rim Sector only) and keep coming back to your page as inspiration!

I'm leaning towards C# after doing a few prototypes with it and Java. The client-side has its advantages, but I really like the results from your .NET work.

Again, very nice job!